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Getting rid of #distractions: the Freedom app

Everone who spends a whole work day in front of a computer knows how irresistable internet distractions can be. My own greatest sins are twitter, photography blogging, and browsing various news providers and interesting blogs. A lot of people use … Continue reading

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General maintenance and organisation: apps that make your life a bit easier

This post does not speak directly to academic tasks such as writing papers or reviewing literature. Instead, I’m going to briefly describe some apps that does useful ‘background work’, which in turn helps me spend less time on being organised … Continue reading

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PDF annotation on iPad: why GoodReader has replaced iAnnotate and PDF Expert

I use my iPad as my main tool to annotate research literature, as well as sorting data and commenting on draft papers or student work. I have previously sung the praise of iAnnotate in this post, as I consider it one … Continue reading

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Organising your research (and the rest of your life) with Devonthink

I’ve been meaning to write a post on Devonthink for a while, and while I initially wanted to explore some more of its features first, two things prompted me to write this up now: First, a conversation I had with … Continue reading

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Digitalising your academic literature: tablets versus e-ink

Tired of those piles of paper that are growing on your desk? More and more researchers are letting go of paper and going digital with their academic articles and literature notes. For me, one of the best things about getting … Continue reading

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Criteria and questions for establishing your academic work flow

I’ve spent a fair amount of time (and probably too much money) trying to set up the academic workflow I want over the past year, and looking back I’ve now tried to consolidate the key criteria that are important when … Continue reading

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Organising your writing projects with Curio: the app that does ‘everything’

Curio from Zengobi is a project management app and digital note book with tons of features, which I use to plan and organise my writing projects. Curio recently had a major update and is now even more full featured than before. … Continue reading

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Apps on Christmas sale

With Christmas coming up, various developers are putting their apps on sale. Here are some apps currently reduced that I find quite useful: 1. iAnnotate, which is my favourite iOS app for PDF annotation, is currently reduced by 80%. This … Continue reading

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Useful web sites for academic productivity on a mac

As I’ve navigated my way into the Apple eco system, a few web sites have been really useful for getting my work flow settled. Here are some links you might benefit from, if you haven’t checked them out already:   … Continue reading

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The apps I want that don’t (yet?) exist

We’re approaching Christmas and it’s time for wish lists. Here’s my apps-I-wish-existed list: App 1: The reference manager-annotator-cite while you write-super app So, the first thing I’d like is an app with… – the tagging structure and syncing capacities of … Continue reading

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