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Getting rid of #distractions: the Freedom app

Everone who spends a whole work day in front of a computer knows how irresistable internet distractions can be. My own greatest sins are twitter, photography blogging, and browsing various news providers and interesting blogs. A lot of people use … Continue reading

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The wordle version of my academic work

Today I discovered Wordle, a free web based service that lets you make word clouds out of whatever text or web links you decide to feed it. For illustration, here is one of my articles-in-progress in Wordle format:     Coming … Continue reading

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When In Academia: another good tumblr link for procrastination

Following on to my previous procrastination post, here’s another good one for work avoidance:   My favourites so far: When you need students to turn something in before you can leave for the night. When I read sentences like…. When … Continue reading

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Research in progress: the procrastination version

One of my colleagues forwarded this nice little link, which proved much more entertaining than actually working on my research-in-progress… My top five are: 1. When friends ask to explain what my research is about 2. Given your expertise … Continue reading

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