About me

I am a researcher working in the intersection of anthropology, ethnography, learning and cognition.

This blog is about conducting academic work with a mac and an iPad. I changed from a PC to a mac in the fall of 2011, and have been gradually working on improving my academic work flow with my macbook air and my iPad. Here, I post some of those experiences, so that others may benefit (and so that I can have a welcome diversion from writing my articles!)

14 Responses to About me

  1. Oskar Kelp says:

    Thank you. Very good. looking forward to the ipad concerning review.

    Oskar Kelp

  2. no_name says:

    Macademise, Nice blog! I wanted to leave a comment on your post about Bookends and Sente but it looks like that post has been closed. You mentioned scripts so I wanted to bring your attention to 4 scripts for Bookends, one of which does exactly what you were looking for. The scripts are at http://scriptsforbookends.com and my email can be found on the last page of the site. If you’re interested in the scripts, email me and I’ll send you the scripts.

    • macademise says:

      Hi and thanks for your comment! Yes, I closed my previous posts for comments recently as I’ve been quite busy with work, but will be reopening them now. Thanks for the link and I will check out your web page.

  3. Hi Macademise,

    Your posts are useful as well as enjoyable. It seems you have closed the comments on your po


    This may be intentional to make your life a bit easier? 🙂

    Med vennlig hilsen/Best regards,
    Joe Siri Ekgren MD

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  5. Felipe says:

    Hi macademise,
    i’ve reached this blog when searching for a good bibliography manager; basically i write all my papers with LaTeX, and with Bibdesk i can gather all my bibliography just fine. But i would like to have an app that i can take notes from the pdf’s, and organize then by tags. I’ve tried Sente, but this can’t be done. Do you have some suggestions?

    • macademise says:

      Hi there Felipe and thanks for reading my blog. To my knowledge, there is no app that does this well. Bookends does allow you to tag notes. However, it’s not particularly good for annotating pdfs. Personally, I annotate in GoodReader and then export the notes. In theory, you could then import them to Bookends and tag them there, but I don’t think that would be a particularly smooth process. I have settled on separating reference management (Bookends) and literature notes (which I keep in Evernote and Circus Ponies Notebook). Evernote, CPN and Devonthink are all good for organising notes by tags.

  6. joesiri says:

    Dear Macademise,

    Thank you for your useful and inspiring posts. I am sorry to hear that you no longer will be updating your blog. I hope you will let your blog remain available even though you have decided to take a very long break.

    All the best,

  7. Kenneth says:

    Hey, thanks for putting together this blog—I just stumbled across it and wish I’d found it earlier. I see that you’re moving on to other projects, but it’d be great it you’d leave this blog up as long as you can. I’d love to have some time to explore it. Good luck with the rest of your work.

    • woodelf says:

      What Kenneth said: Please leave this up for as long as possible. I just found your blog, and just started grad school so it’s particularly useful right now. And there doesn’t seem to be anything else quite like it, addressing the specifics of Mac software in the academic world. I’ve already gotten some useful tips and techniques, just from the first couple posts I’ve read. I’m looking forward to finding time for the whole thing.

  8. macademise says:

    Thanks everybody, very glad to hear the blog is still useful! I don’t have any plans of taking it down, so the content won’t be disappearing anytime soon. However, many of the apps I’ve reviewed have since been updated, so I’d encourage everybody to check out the current status of any apps you may be considering before making a final decision.

  9. Nue says:

    I love and appreciate everything about your blog and am sad that you will no longer be posting as it is very useful. Do you have any other resources you could leave us readers as you transition over to new and exciting aspects of your career? Thanks so very much!

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