The spare CPN licence is up for grabs again…

In a previous post, I tried to pass on a spare licence for Circus Ponies Notebooks. The person who received it never claimed the license key, so I’m re-advertising it. If you’d like to have the licence, just leave a comment below. Here are the criteria:

  • First come, first serve
  • You have to be an undergrad or postgraduate student. 
  • You will be using CPN for academic work (as opposed to wanting to sell it on for a few bucks…).

You can read more about using CPN for academic work here

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4 Responses to The spare CPN licence is up for grabs again…

  1. Petry says:

    Hi. I would really love it, if you don’t mind. danielpetry [at] gmail

  2. Hi! I am interested to explore this option. To be honest, I’d like to see how this fits in my workflow; in contrast to the mind mapping software and to be able to brainstorm the ideas. I am into research (I am a Radiation Oncologist) and using the methods outlined here to a great effect as well. Please let me know on contact (at)

    Many thanks! Looking forward for your email.

  3. Hello,
    I am a PhD candidate in Law, more specifically, I focused on comparative constitutionalism and human rights. I read your blog and I must confess that it is highly beneficial. Finally, I am trying to build my workflow, and I expect to fulfil the need of a notebook and outliner with CPN, if your offer is still available, I will be more than happy to accept it.
    Thanks in advance.

    Ahmet Kamil

  4. macademise says:

    License sent off to Ahmet Kamil!

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