I have a spare CPN licence…

I recently got a mac bundle which included a licence for Circus Ponies Notebooks. I already have CPN (got the bundle because I wanted a couple of the other apps), so if anyone would like the licence, just leave a comment below. First come, first serve. I’m giving it away to someone who’d like to use it for their own undergraduate or graduate work (i.e. not someone who wants to make an extra buck by selling it on). 

See my previous post for links to blog posts about how to use CPN for academic work.  


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7 Responses to I have a spare CPN licence…

  1. I could use it–but I’m not doing graduate work. I’m a professor. you might want to reserve this for someone who is less able to afford it than i am. currrently using evernote, not quite the thing
    irvin peckham

  2. I would like it, I am an undergraduate and i just got a mac…now i am super broke. Lol

  3. macademise says:

    Thanks for the responses, everyone. In the spirit of Irvin’s comment, I’d be happy to send the license to Alyssa since the first two respondents are professors. Alyssa, please let me know where I can send the licence key.

  4. Good call to give it to Alyssa. I bought the bundle anyway.

  5. macademise says:

    Good to hear, Stephen, I thought the bundle was a decent deal.

    However, I haven’t heard from or been able to get in touch with Alyssa. Alyssa, please get in touch by the end of the month, or I’ll put the licence up for grab again.

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