Sale: Productive Macs bundle

Just a quick post to let you know that Productive Macs currently has a bundle sale which includes Circus Ponies Notebook, which I’ve written about in several posts found here. Along with CPN, you get a variety of productivity tools, such as Keyboard Maestro, Default Folder X and Vitamin R, which I’m currently exploring as an alternative to Pomodoro

The bundle, which includes seven apps, is available for another 13 days from this page


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2 Responses to Sale: Productive Macs bundle

  1. Petry says:

    Hi. What are your thoughts abou the new iPad Air? I think it is everything I wanted (except maybe the lack of a “surface style” cover/keyboard).
    I also though about you when I saw the new “evernote pen” (there’s an official name, I don’t remember what it is). It is a pen for the iPad with a very thin point. It uses a lot of sensors to work (and communicates with the iPad not only through the touchscreen, but also with bluetooth). The problem is the US$75 price…

    • macademise says:

      It looks really nice. I’m still very happy with my 3gen iPad so I won’t be upgrading yet, but it looks like a great piece of technology. I like the look of the ‘evernote pen’, too, but I’m not ready to dish out 75 dollars on a stylus…

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