Apps on Christmas sale

With Christmas coming up, various developers are putting their apps on sale. Here are some apps currently reduced that I find quite useful:

1. iAnnotate, which is my favourite iOS app for PDF annotation, is currently reduced by 80%. This app is packed with features and I can’t recommend it enough. See my previous post here for more details.

2. One of my favourite note taking apps on the iPad, Daedalus, is down to a dollar. This app organises your notes like the regular stacks of paper on your desk (except that stuff is much easier to find than in your paper piles).

3. xPlan, an iOS product management app with a mac counterpart, is down to five dollars. I haven’t tested this app properly yet, but it looks packed with features.

4. For mac, TaskPaper is on sale, a nice to do app which strikes a good balance between simplicity and organisation. This app also has an iOS counterpart which syncs via DropBox. I probably wouldn’t purchase these apps at full price, but I’ve managed to pick up both on sale and at a discount, they’re excellent value.

5. Outline+ for iOS is also significantly reduced. This app can sync with Microsoft OneNote, and they also have a mac version in the works. Once the mac version is up, I’ll be trying this app out more properly, but so far the iPad version looks nice and the developers seems to update it regularly.

6. The reference manager Papers has a promotion on their iPad app. This is a very useful app for managing research papers which comes with both a mac and window counterpart.

7. Finally, an app that I haven’t tried yet, but would like to test out for the purposes of sorting out the research literature on my hard drive is Gemini duplicate finder for mac.

For more apps on sale, have a look at AppShopper.

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