Useful web sites for academic productivity on a mac

As I’ve navigated my way into the Apple eco system, a few web sites have been really useful for getting my work flow settled. Here are some links you might benefit from, if you haven’t checked them out already:


1. Academipad (blog)

Written by Joachim Scholz, a PhD student in marketing, the blog is rich on reviews of apps for mac, iPad and iPhone, as well as tips for how to increase your productivity. Some of the best posts on this site include two detailed comparisons of Sente and Papers, which you can find here and here, and a rich guide to annotating pdfs on your iPad.


2. Macademic (blog)

This is a another rich blog on how to be productive with your academic work using mac and iPad, written by Professor Aleh Cherp at the Central European University. Some useful posts here include this one on outlines, this one on academic workflows, and this one on tagging

3. MacRumors (forum)

While this site isn’t geared towards academics as such, there are quite a few members on the site that work in academia. It’s a busy forum with a high rate of participation. I’ve posted many threads on there looking for particular apps, trying to trouble shoot, or just asking others about their work flows or experiences with particular apps. This is a great site for both technical information and user based experiences. 


4. Organizing Creativity (blog)

This is another blog written by an academic on how to get organised with your research. Besides a tools perspective on what apps to use, he has a lot of useful posts on how to approach research processes. He has several interesting posts on Circus Ponies Notebooks, such as this, this one on working with outlines in Scrivener and CPN, and this on task management with OmniFocus. See his entire list of rich and detailed blog entries here (includes one on ‘how to write your PhD thesis in a month’). 

5. AppShopper (web site and iPad app)

While this site doesn’t have anything to do with academics, it will tell you which apps are on sale, for both mac and iPad. Sometimes it’s just a dollar off, sometimes you can find really good deals. I check in regularly to see what is on sale. 


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