The apps I want that don’t (yet?) exist

We’re approaching Christmas and it’s time for wish lists. Here’s my apps-I-wish-existed list:

App 1: The reference manager-annotator-cite while you write-super app

So, the first thing I’d like is an app with…

– the tagging structure and syncing capacities of Sente (but minus the bugs)
– the annotation capacities of iAnnotate, with the addition of GoodReader’s zoom window for hand writing and Sente’s quote function
– the capacity to distinguish between ‘last import’ and ‘today’s import’, and the ‘open in…’ Safari short cut of Papers
– the accuracy of cite while you write functionality and import options from library bases of EndNote
– the cite while you write pop up window of Papers
– and lastly, full text search and email export

App 2: The hand writing and note taking super app

This app…

– has the hand writing capacities of Notability
– the layout of Circus Ponies notebooks, with writing pages added to the iPad version
– the capacity to create links between different notes and different pages
– built in mind mapping and outlining
– a wide range of export options
– the cross platform capacities of Evernote with seamless sync

App 3: The collaboration super app

This app…

– has the file sharing and syncing capacities of DropBox
– the simultaneous writing capacities of Google Docs, with no sign in required
– the tagging features of Tags
– with an integrated Evernote notebook

App 4: The researcher super app

…the app that makes my coffee, sorts my data and writes my research papers…

Is that asking too much?


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I am a researcher working in the intersection of anthropology, learning and cognition.
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