iPad apps on Black Friday sale

Given the Black Friday sales, several apps have been reduced at the app store. Here are some that might be of interest for academic work, or for productivity more generally:

  • Several Readdle apps are on sale, including PDF Expert which is a great app for pdf annotation. It has a wide range of features and syncs with DropBox. In addition, Remarks, Printer Pro and Calendars have reduced price tags. 
  • If you like DevonThink (a very intelligent database for mac, which I’ll write more about in a future post), its iPad counterpart has been reduced. While this app is very slim on features compared to the mac version, it’s still useful if you want to sync some of your database with your iPad. 
  • MagicalPad, an app for outlining and taking meeting notes, is 60% off.
  • DocsToGo, which is one of my main apps for reading Microsoft Office documents on the iPad, is 40% off. 
  • Finally, Outline+ has been significantly reduced to one dollar. This app syncs with Microsoft OneNote, but can also be used as a stand alone app. Developers promise a mac version soon. 
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